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  • Beautiful exterior. Probably the best mansion on the Florida market right now.

    • Brian

      I would agree but I doubt that the locale will support the asking price. Naples is not PB.

  • horselips

    If Total-Bonkers-Baroque-On-Steroids is your thing, get out your checkbook. You’re home-sweet-home. I love the place, but I think the asking price is a awfully proud. Perhaps “The Randall” would consider something in the very low fifties?

  • Tony

    The interior is pretty good quality but could be better. But the exterior should be all limestone to justify this kind of price. Also this home is in Naples? That’s too much money for Naples. This needs to be in Palm Beach to justify that kinda price.

  • Daniel

    While it is a nice home, it just doesn’t have the refinement I would expect from Jeff Smith at this price range. He also designed Pietra Mar, the home directly north of this, and the quality is almost night and day. This home is too frilly, too busy, too heavy. Exterior doesn’t have the wow factor of a nearly $70 million home. Pietra Mar does, and is probably the best home on the west coast of Florida.

    More pics here: http://smitharchitecturalgroup.com/

  • Spleenking

    ewwww….I threw up in my mouth a little. This house is way over the top inside not to mention the the faked colors in the photos.

  • Hunter

    There’s no fake color. I’ve been to Naples and seen this house in person many times (from the outside). The price is way too high for an estate this size in Naples, however this is still a gorgeous estate. Once you walk Naples beach and drive Gordon drive in person, you’ll see why the Naples market is so pricey.


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