$60 Million Waterfront Estate On A Peninsula In Key Biscayne, FL | Homes of the Rich – The #1 Real Estate Blog

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  • Brian

    $60M is a tad high for a teardown, even with a unique piece of land. Which doesn’t look like it would survive the next storm surge. Fascinating but repulsive.

  • horselips

    Great minds think alike. The house is nothing special, in fact it’s not at all attractive. The land looks very vulnerable. This house, on a private peninsula with its very own yacht harbor is romantic in an Alfred Hitchcock thriller kind of way. For $60 million bucks, even for $6 million, it’s no deal.

    • Nash

      not one for humility eh? For $6 million it may not be so bad…

  • David Arias

    $60 million asking, worth less than $6 million.

    • John

      How much is the land worth?

      • horselips

        How much is it worth now? Or after the next hurricane, when the sea swallows it up?

        • John

          Well, the land has been there for quite some time; not swallowed up yet. Either way, your response doesn’t answer the question. Maybe you don’t know and that’s okay.

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