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  • horselips

    Undoubtedly state of the art in 1949, the floorplan is somewhat functionally obsolete. But the rooms are beautiful, the craftsmanship is superb, it’s a nice big house on a nice big lot, and it’s definitely worth saving.

    Outside, it needs a big covered patio and an outdoor kitchen. Inside, for beginners, add an elevator, probably in the second foyer, and remodel the master bath complex, the laundry & ironing room (!!!), do something with the computer room, and convert one of the secondary bedrooms or some other space into a home theater.

    Brought into the 21st century, this gracious old home could be viable until the 22nd rolls around.

  • Tony

    I thought this house was ok at first but then I realized it has two entry foyers. What house has two entry foyers? That’s a hot mess! Also the tennis court has wood panel floors, that just seems a little odd. But other than that its ok.

    • Mak

      It’s called a “paddle tennis” court and it’s meant to be played in the fall/winter. It’s a completely different game then tennis.

  • Mak

    This is a disaster. It truly is.


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