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  • horselips

    I won’t waste my time nitpicking the crap out of this place – regardless of anyone’s opinion, including mine, we have here, by its size and style, especially its elevation, a genuine palace.

    It sold in 2009 for only 70% of its asking price. Real estate prices have improved (from the seller’s point of view) dramatically since then, thus the astronomical asking price, however, I still see this estate selling for quite a bit less than $50 million.

  • Hunter

    Other than doubling or tripling the lot size, I’d change nothing about this lavish modern day castle.

  • Daniel

    It’s a beautiful home but the lot is too small. I don’t like the orientation of the home either.

  • tay

    Awesome, but overly designed and is sideways on the lot which doesn’t flow well, also the roof pitch seems a little tall/steep especially from that front elevation.

  • Marko

    I think the commentator called Emma from Curbed LA summed it up nicely:

    IMO, Landry is one of the worst megamansion architects out there in terms of quality design. One example is that humongous spec-built French chateau he designed in Beverly Park a few years back (the address escapes me, but it’s directly across from Denzel’s palace) which is an abomination. The house itself is far too massive for its lot; he had to literally turn it sideways just to get it to fit. Then it has silliness like a “library” with no place for books, etc. Or what about Keyshawn Johnson’s Landry-designed Calabasas manse? And there are many others.

    Never met the man, but his designs show a complete lack of taste and a very odd sense of proportion.

  • king daniel

    Beautyful on the outside but the inside needs some help, it feels very cheap

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