$45 Million Newly Listed 22,000 Square Foot Castle-Like Mansion In Woodstock, CT | Homes of the Rich – The #1 Real Estate Blog

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  • Chris

    Oh hell to the no. Waste of money.

  • Grrrowler

    We have a new winner for the worst of the worst! When will people with more money than taste (and sense) realize that just because it’s their dream home doesn’t mean it’s desirable to anyone else, especially for $45 million?

  • Daniel

    $45 million? More like $4-$5 million. It’s great that somebody decided to full their dreams, but don’t expect anyone else to pay such a high price for it. Maybe the Guilty Remnant can pick this up…

  • GeorgeL

    Not sure even if Walt Disney would like this?

  • Alexis

    The best of the best homes in this market are hard enough to sell(just look at all the beautiful real estate in Greenwich that can’t sell) so why would ANYONE with any sense,intelligence, and money invest in such a monstrosity. TOTALLY ridiculous. However, the only strategy I can see is to grossly overprice(45 million) this in hope that someone will come in at a price more than 4.1 million(cost to build). If they do get a buyer, it will be for the land. But the buyer could also tear down the castle and use the stone to rebuild their dream home.

  • Mak

    Hmm. For all the negative comments, I, for one, see a gem hidden in the rolling hills of CT. It has amazing character! Soaring battlements, towers and bridges! What lovely queen wouldn’t want to make this their home for the vast generations to come. Landed gentry! This is your chance to own Camelot!

    Think of the theme parties you could have here! I don’t want to sound kinky but this place has all the makings for a one of a kind kink-dom! I didn’t read the listing, but I would assume that it has some kind of a dungeon. It also probably has some secret sliding panels and rooms where palace intrigue could take place. Can’t you see yourself in some chain mail strutting your stuff while the lady of the land sits in wait for your thundering stallion to come to her rescue? I can and it’s an epic tale.

    No, I’m not going to go and throw stones at a house that greatness built and lived in. I’m going to celebrate a unique lifestyle and a builder with vision and style. The rest of you can wait outside by the drawbridge. I’ll let you in when you finish slaying the dragon in Hartford.

    • Mak

      Oh and one more thing…it’s called Chrismark Castle. If you want to see it in video, just go to YT and search for it. Or, if you aren’t interested, then go to YT and search for something else. 😉

  • Andrew

    I think it was designed by a 10 year-old retarded child… yeah it’s awful but you just have to pat them on the head and tell them what a great job they did.

  • horselips

    COOL! OK, so some imaginative dreamer enjoying a well-funded second or third childhood went full-retard-SCA-Renaissance Fair and, voila…

    Outside it’s fun, romantic, and even magnificent. Inside, not so much. The interior is not “castle” enough to pull it off completely. It’s just a modern mansion trimmed in a Medieval inspired décor. What? No life size portrait of Sir Whatshisname, the 9th Earl of Bumf*ck ?

    If you wanna castle, then build a friggin’ castle. But be careful, castles aren’t for the rich, they’re for the noble. Not merely the upper class, but the ruling class. They aren’t just comfortable dwellings, they’re symbols of power and fortified centers of command and control. To wander from the reality into something merely castle-esque or castle-ish, doesn’t work. You end up with something like Las Vegas’ Excalibur Resort Casino – fun for a day, a week or even a month, but after that, enough is enough.

    It cost $4.1 million to build, and the asking price is 11 times that. I guess those 75 acres figure into it. Living in a libtard nightmare like Connecticut is bad enough, but getting stuck with 75 acres of it – gimme a break. maybe the property can be subdivided enough and developed to recover the cost. Might even, in the end, make a profit on the deal.

  • sue

    Beautiful place drove by today stopped at the gate took lots of pics as they were on there atv

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