$4.995 Million Bahamian Style Newly Built Country Club Mansion In Boca Raton, FL | Homes of the Rich – The #1 Real Estate Blog

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  • Daniel

    I’m not entirely convinced this is a brand new build. The home before it had the same general exterior layout, and the odd covered entry of the previous home is still here. In any event, I’m not a fan. Horrific living room – feels so claustrophobic even with two-story ceilings. This is at best a $3 million home.

  • jdubble07

    It’s a partial re-build. County permits don’t show any demo permits and still list the home as 1990 original year built. Kenny — when you’re down this week, I’ll be glad to take you through the community.

    • Kenny Forder

      Sweet! 😀

  • Tony

    That front door entrance is way too small. A mansion like this should have double doors or if it is gonna have a single door then it should be a large door. This door looks like it should be the door to the servant’s shitter or a miscellaneous closet to store boots or yard equipment or something. This a hot mess!

  • Tony

    I wanna add that all though this isn’t exactly my taste and the quality looks a little cheap, its not bad for the price though. But the entry way just looks awful with that single tiny door. If it had a better entry way with double doors then it would be ok.

  • horselips

    It would take a lot more than double doors to save this place. Triple doors wouldn’t help. A 10,000 square foot ‘mansion’ on a whole 1/3 of an acre. Florida must be getting awfully overcrowded with rich people, if that’s all the ground they can spare for their homes.

    The metal roof makes it look like a very upscale steel storage building (euphemistically called “Bahamian” – LOL), and the interior duzzint help that impression. The walls are plain and ugly, the ceilings are ugly, the windows are ugly, the floors are gross, the bathtub is…oh never mind – don’t get me started. I’ve seen entry-level tract houses with nicer interiors.

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