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  • Daniel

    Certainly can do better in Long Lake Estates. This is a very bare house.

  • horselips

    I think it’s the opposite – not bare at all. But then, I know nothing of competing properties in Long Lake Estates. Nevertheless, I see lots of eye candy, and very little eyesore. The architect, builder and interior decorator were very careful to please the owner’s senses without overwhelming them. I also like the lot plan. The tennnis court is right there, not a hundred yards away as usual, yet it is still discreet and doesn’t detract from the elevation. I’m not as happy about the swimming pool. This is not house for a family or even guests with small children. I prefer pools to be fenced and gated. I also like them sized and shaped for either (non-sexual) water sports or lap swimming. I don’t like pools shaped like kidneys, or randomly formed with no discernable or recognizable shape at all. A lakefront lot with 356 feet of water frontage, a 9,143 square foot mansion, and all for $3.9 million ($427/sq.ft.) – seems reasonable. Unless there’s alligators in the lake. BTW, why does the lake water look so dark in all the photos? Is it polluted?

    • Daniel

      It’s a man made lake. All man-made lakes look like that in South Florida.

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