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  • horselips

    I love the gated entry to the courtyard, but if that narrow little space, just beyond the 2 story great room in picture 7 is all there is to the foiyay, ahem. It looks barely wide ehnuf to accommodate the open front doors. Seems like the architect missed a boat, a box diddent get checked…you know what I meen.

    OK, so it isn’t a 20 milyun dollar, 20,000 sq. ft. mega-manshun, nevertheless, a proper foiyay is part of the whole mystique. Great houses used to have full-blown resepshun rooms, a decently impressive foiyay to reseeve company, take their cotes and hats, shake hands and hug, isn’t asking too much. After all, what would the naybers think when they come over to borrow a cup of something.

    As for the rest of the place, outside it’s magnificent. I’m not thrilled by their choice of cabinet woods, and the whole interior is ponderously brown, to the point of seeming ‘heavy’ – if there’s such a thing. I really like the Mediterranean style, but can’t it be lietened up a bit?

    (Relax. All misspellings above were deliberate.)

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