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  • Daniel

    It’s hideous. The atrium with the dual staircases is a waste of space. Give me a home half the size in the Hollywood Hills over this.

  • Chris

    Designed by Philip Johnson, this house is his ONLY house in the city and is a Dallas landmark. Architecturally speaking, it’s one of the city’s most prominent and important mansions. It’s a jewel of midcentury modern architecture and I love it. The carpet in the formal dining room is something I don’t like but overall it’s fantastic. I’ve always loved this house. The restoration that was done in 2010 extensively modified the house for modern living without damaging the property. If anything, the restoration enhanced the property. That being said, given the pedigree of the house and how strong the high end real estate market in Texas is, the house will sell fairly easily.

    • Cindy Richard

      I couldn’t agree with you more, this house is beautiful keeping with it’s integrity. I have watched this estate for years and finally get to see the inside makes me love it even more.

    • Jack

      During the restoration they should have repaired or replaced the ceiling of the room shown in picture 15.

  • horselips


  • horselips

    why does it work when I post “testing” but not when I write anything else?

    • John

      it looks like you wrote something other than “testing” and it worked out…

  • horselips

    yeah – it will post stuff like this, but not my comments. Go figure.

  • horselips

    A monument to commercial-corporate-industrial design and décor. This mansion is a crime against nature inside and out. There is nothing here even remotely justifies half the asking price.

  • RickAce

    Upon first sight (pic#1) I thought it looked like a county library. Not my “cup of tea”.

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