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  • horselips

    WOW – 10,623 Square Feet on 6 lavishly landscaped and planted acres, and all for just $2.750 Million. Nice paneling, flooring, cabinetry, windows – I even like the chandeliers. Beautiful all-stone elevation with a nice drive court, comfy covered patio, great pool, hot tub, and even a pool house – all surrounded by enough cool decking to host the annual Teenage Nudist Vacation Bible School graduation party. Luscious.

    What’s wrong? Plenty. There isn’t much to that mini-foyer. The dining room is small – just big enough to hold the 8 chairs in it. Even middle class slobs like me throw bigger dinner parties than that. The living room is cramped – needs another 4 feet of ceiling height just to breathe. The home office is narrow – just enough room to get around the desk.

    On the other hand, the kitchen is charming, the family room is too, the music room is a very nice touch, and those Bible-beatingTeenage Nudists will appreciate the theater, bowling alley and gym if their pool party gets rained out.

    Despite its flaws, the price/value relationship is unsurpassed, enhanced even more by being located a safe distance from CA, NY, CT, MD, or NJ. Five Stars. (How can you give a mansion stocked with teenage nudists any less?)

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