$19.5 Million Newly Listed Penthouse In The Century Building In Los Angeles, CA | Homes of the Rich – The #1 Real Estate Blog

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  • Daniel

    $19.5 million to live in a *lower* penthouse. No thanks. That closet is insane though.

  • horselips

    Looking at the interior, because it’s nothing but an apartment with a hyperactive thyroid and there is no exterior to bother with, I wonder where the money went. Even though I dislike lumber floors, I can see a few bucks spent on these, a few more for the marble floors, a couple of bucks for the big windows and the gimmicky closet, but that’s about it. The kitchen cabinetry is low-budget high gloss flat panel crapola. there are no elegant moldings, or raised paneling or rich ceilings, door or window framing, nothing that might exude a modicum of grace or charm. Even the light fixtures are unremarkable. Total build-out couldn’t possibly be worth more than a million or two. The asking price is insane.

    This dump sold in 2011 to some unwitting dupe for half the current asking price. A similar sized dump in this tower of babble – unit 36B – is listed at $4.4 million. As plain-Jane as this dog is, 36B can’t be any worse – there’s nowhere left to cut. That means this apartment is priced at least 4 times what it’s worth.

    BTW, the description says this place has valet service – just how many cars are each resident allowed? This is L.A. after all, and unlike NYC, everybody drives or gets around by car. And any Los Angelino with this many millions to blow on his crib is bound to have quite a few vehicles.

  • Jeez

    There are actually two garages.
    One is enormous. Just huge. Like 3 acres of parking 4 floors high.
    So there’s more than enough room for a car or two per resident

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