£18 Million Newly Built 16,000 Square Foot Mansion In Surrey, England | Homes of the Rich – The #1 Real Estate Blog

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  • Brian

    If the owner’s name is Herbert Hoover or Hubert Humphrey, then we’re good. Otherwise, the horizontal bands creating twin “H’s” is a major goof. Central block also has related glitches. Rear elevation is symmetrical. That’s the BEST you can say about it. The interior is generic British modern mansion…

  • horselips

    Can’t tell too much from the only 2 interior pictures, but it looks like another contemporary disaster – a monument to Marlite, FRP and drywall. – no millwork, cabinetry or even carpentry for that matter.

  • vova

    The front is very nice. It reminds me of a 19th century Russian palace in St. Petersburg. It looks like it could have been a masterpiece but judging from the pool, it probably wont be.

  • Andrew

    I like the front, it’s simple and uncluttered. I’d like to see more of the interior, two pictures is a bit silly. Frankly the whole presentation of the listing is rather sub-par, as an owner I’d want my agent to put a bit more effort into that 18 million pound transaction on which I’m sure they collect a handsome commission.

  • Jeez

    Wowza. Once these Surrey developers are finished there won’t be any original houses left on the Wentworth Estate!
    Usually they have floorplans in the listings.
    A woman on a Bravo show lived out here, just outside of the WE borders, and it was crazy how low her ceilings were. This big new house with a huge entry and the ceilings were just above the door trim.
    Red brick and limestone-or maybe precast- outside with this awful disjointed interior. Glass railings and an indoor pool with really high ceilings and really puny French doors.
    Bizarre out there.

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