$16.25 Million 15,000 Square Foot Georgian Colonial Mansion In Greenwich, CT | Homes of the Rich – The #1 Real Estate Blog

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  • horselips

    Plenty of house on lots of land, all nicely done, inside and out. The exterior is stately and impressive, inside, the varying styles of décor relieve each other well – nothing is done to excess, nothing oppresses or bores the senses. Bottom line – extraordinarily well done. It’s only faults are its location in CT, and considering that grave defect, a very proud price. Nevertheless, five stars.

    • shinglestyle

      I would argue that the homes location is one of it’s greatest attributes. Given Greenwich’s proximity to NYC it for a long time has been a suburb in which many wealthy people commute from. Also this house is pretty close to town (street: Meadowcroft ln)

  • Andrew

    Absolutely love this property, fits my taste perfectly, would love to have a look round ;-)!!

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