$12.9 Million 35,000 Square Foot Modern Mega Mansion In Las Vegas, NV | Homes of the Rich – The #1 Real Estate Blog

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  • Daniel

    I don’t hate this. It reminds me of the type of homes you’d find in Boca’s country clubs circa 1990-2000. Big, open spaces but still manageable. It’s dated, but it isn’t bad. The aquarium is an annoyance though…

  • Brian

    I assume this was built as a casino, but failed to win a gaming license. But seriously, I sort of like it, though I would be reluctant to pay air conditioning costs for a 35K sq ft, non-green house in the desert. It’s sort of Art Decoish, while no architectural masterpiece, is at least an OKish place to hang out with your 275 closest friends. I’m not seeing a two-story library, or any other library, or even a single book. But hey baby, it’s Vegas.

  • horselips

    The incorporation of classical detailing – dome, ornate ceilings and arches – successfully relieve most of the horror of contemporary décor. This home could almost be considered borderline lukewarm, a considerable improvement over the icy coldness of so many other efforts we’ve seen here.

    For half the price of many homes half its size, on lots half as large, or even half of that again, this isn’t a bad deal. Add in the incalculable value of not being in CA, CT, NJ or NY, and it’s a steal. Buy it before somebody else does.

  • vova

    Very futuristic, in a good way.

  • Andrew

    It does indeed incorporate ornate detailing into the modern decor, but in my book the result was not a success. If anything, it’s a study in why the two should not mix! On the whole this feels like 50’s take on futuristic design… which just feels dated now. Granted, it is a bit different and not completely bad – I just wouldn’t want to live there myself.

  • Richard Malone

    I love this house!

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