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  • Tony

    This foyer is hideous!! This just isn’t scaled right. It doesn’t even look like a foyer. It looks like a living room with a stair way. It just looks too big to be a foyer. Now you can have a really big foyer this size or around this size in a huge mega mansion like The Manor. But it has to be laid out and scaled the right way to work. It works in The Manor. It just doesn’t work here. This looks a hot mess!

    • Enrique

      Jealousy maybe ??

  • Tony

    Also this stairway goes all the way back to the back of the house. It is almost up against the back windows looking out at the backyard. The foyer shouldn’t look out to the back yard. Beyond the foyer of The Manor is like a hallway corridor and then there is like a living room or something beyond that. That’s how a normal foyer is laid out. You shouldn’t see the backyard from the foyer. That’s just tacky!

  • charlie

    Is it just me, or does anybody think that a double staircase is an incredibly boring way to waste money?

    • Andrew

      I agree! Double staircases belong in malls, train stations and other high-traffic areas. But how much pedestrian traffic can you possibly have in a private home? Would single staircase really not be sufficient?!? It’s just a waste of perfectly good space.

  • horselips

    I like it. Inside and out, it’s grand. Yes, huge double staircases aren’t for everybody, neither are ornamental ceilings and carved moldings, and I, for example, don’t like wood floors or free standing bathtubs. A floor plan can be a stroke of genius to some and a laughable catastrophe to another. We all have our druthers, and vive le difference.

    The foyer, with its surrounding balcony and rooms arranged underneath along its sides, is a common plan in many mansions. In this case, because of the size of it, it looks more like the concourse of a very upscale shopping mall lined with display windows upstairs and premium boutiques downstairs. Oh well, I could live with that. The materials and craftsmanship throughout the place are first class. Aside from a few chandeliers and light fixtures, the décor is refreshingly light on the use of gold trim.

  • Teddi

    Yep, very small mall/boutique hotel feel to it. Not sure if ‘ridiculous’ even denotes the true feeling of having this in a residential home that is NOT doubling as a embassy or minor royal US escape.

    But I am not surprised to find this in Texas. Texas or NJ are the only states where I would expect this to make sense to the owner and visitors.

  • Enrique

    One of the most Beautiful Mansions ,Absolutely this House is not for everybody, is for a special person and taste , it’s just a matter of taste , Bravo Beautiful Home

  • Enrique

    No mall has those staircase , not even Galleria , it’s a matter of taste Texans

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