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  • horselips

    None of these elevations are especially memorable (with the possible exception of Pic#4), so I guess I’d be happy with any of them except pic#8.

    As I consider modern architecture versus any of the multitude of classical forms, I am forced to lament that the costly and often exaggerated silliness of the old ethic of function following form has not been successfully replaced by the tyrannical sterility of the new ethic’s form following function. Is less more?, or is more too much?

    For all the money lavished on architects and interior designers, I don’t think it’s asking too much for a creative genius to come forward and design a third way – a working compromise between the two extremes that’s not too much or too little, and which is entirely new, bearing little resemblance to either one.

  • Andrew

    Number 3 for the house because I appreciate its no-fuss simplicity… And number 7 for the view!


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