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  • Daniel

    Damnit. Even the cars are somber colors. Seriously, would a little color kill these people? Heaven forbid you throw in a colored accent pillow here or there. Even with the dour color scheme, I do like the fit and finishing. The living and dining rooms look very nice.

  • Ramon

    Floorplans anyone? This house looks fab! Only the colors…

  • sweetnatya

    the kitchen is beautiful…where is it from..

  • c

    This house is gorgeous! We need more tasteful homes like this— this is what the homes in Beverly Park & Bel Air should look like, not the horridness that most are. Yes, the house is very beige, but the bones and finishes are superb – if its been said here once its been said a million times— the house is staged to sell. You can paint a few rooms and bring in beautiful artwork and accessories to liven the somber “staging” down. But the house itself is one of the best I’ve seen on here in a long time.

  • horselips

    I’ve learned to judge English homes on a different scale than American homes. I give up docking homes across the pond for their lack of outdoor amenities, and I accept that the British are clueless about bathrooms.

    I like the cars – Bentleys, a Maserati GT, a classic Jaguar drop-head coupe, all lovely. The elevation is impressive, the interior is elegant despite its restraint, and I even like the color scheme. None of the materials or finishes need to shout. Dignity and class pervades. Ceilings can always be higher, but these will do.

    Warning – RANT – No pandering in this decor to the shock-jock ethic of modern interior design, where focal points of contrasting color, geometric shapes, textures, exotic lighting and floor-to-ceiling panes of glass are all there is to relieve the pervasive, oppressive simplicity. Here, in this beautiful house, the architecture speaks for itself, its eloquence is intrinsic, not contrived. The whole is the focal point, it is greater than the sum of its parts, and it’s all good.

    If I owned this house, I wouldn’t sell it, I’d live in it. Happily ever after.

  • Andrew

    It is quite nice! Decor works for me, front elevation is really nice, the back slightly less so but still OK… perhaps the only thing I’m not completely sold on is the oval opening in the ceiling of the hallway – I dislike ovals for some reason! But I can see how it makes the area lighter and more open so I could probably live with it.

    According to the article, “developers are hoping it gets snapped up by wealthy Russian or Middle Eastern buyers”…. why would you hope for such a thing?!?
    I sincerely hope it will be bought by neither, this house deserves better.

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