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  • Andrew

    Now this is decor some rich Russian or Middle Easterner will love… trinket overload!

    • John

      Great job at over generalizing! Your comment is very well thought out.

      • Andrew

        thank you, it took me well over an hour to condense the torrent of thoughts rushing through my head into this one poignant statement.

        • Nash

          It shows and says a lot about your aptitude.

  • Daniel

    Finally! Something that isn’t some grey pseudo-contemporary facsimile (Even though some of the furnishings are contemporary). I love this. I love the traditional architectural elements mixed in with very modern bits and pieces. Love the room in photo 6. Very nice.

  • horselips

    Picture 8 – this pathetic platform, euphemistically called a rooftop terrace – tell me everything I need to know about this dinky 2,597 sq. ft. dive, and the gilded slum it’s located in. $15 million bucks buys a heckuva lotta house, even in Londonistan, and this isn’t even close to a heckuva lotta house. OK, what little there is is pretty nice, but there’s not nearly enough to take seriously.

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