El Castillo De Esparza – A 43,000 Square Foot Estate In Costa Rica | Homes of the Rich – The #1 Real Estate Blog

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  • Andrew

    I like the bedroom and… umm… no, that’s it.

  • Brian

    This doesn’t even have 20K sq. ft. total, so I don’t know where they are getting 43K. Unless there is an aircraft hangar out of view somewhere.

  • horselips

    The outdoor facilities are very nice – living, dining, outdoor kitchen, FP, it’s all there. The foyer floor is grand, and I’m sure Her Ladyship, the Countess had no problem filling the living room and great room with guests. Life is good when you’re a Noble, alas, not so much for most commoners.

  • Teddi

    This reminds me of that age old joke: how many rainforests does it take to build a living room?

    In any case, can the price be right? Only $3.7 million? That’s the only thing I find genuinely impressive.

  • T Man

    Wasn’t this house in Scarface? 😉

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