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  • chris

    #5 is my favorite. The house looks like it’d be perfect for Toronto’s Bridle Path.

    • Kenny Forder

      It actually is located in Bridle Path 🙂

  • Grrrowler

    It seems that no attempt was made to disguise the garage doors on several of these, and they look tacky. Obviously the lot sizes and neighboring houses preclude putting the garages in back on some, but the tacky doors make the houses look like tract houses on steroids.

  • jerseypoet

    #10 has a beautiful facing but when you look closer, it looks like a Mcmansion stuck in a very small sq. footage. Didn’t like he put brick on the sides though. It cheapens it.

  • Luke

    #5 is also my favourite (probably because it has a lot more room to spread out, making the front-facing garages more palatable).

    Most, though, are McMansions which are like a yeast infection; without adequate planning controls in place they just keep spreading and getting bigger.

    I was really excited about photo #10 (it’s hard to scew up French Prov, after all), but then I saw the garages. Nope. If you’re going to build homes of these sizes, put them on bigger lots so there is room for undercover off-street parking, whether via a porte-cochere or enclosed-motorcourt garages (see, eg, the ‘Stone Mansion’).

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