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  • Thabo

    This is the best contemporary designed house that I have ever seen in my life. The house is not dull and white like other modern houses, the use of bright colors……..I’m lost for words. The show garage

  • Andrew

    I like the house but it isn’t all that large and the price seems a bit optimistic – and by ‘a bit’ I mean at least double of what could be called even remotely reasonable.

    BTW, the link to its website needs fixing!

  • Daniel

    Ok. So I’ve found my new LA dream house. Stunning. Love it, want it. Candy room is pointless but I’d convert it to a model car showroom. I’m assuming the cars come with the house since there are pics specifically of them (like a pic of the Veyron headrest). If so, the price is slightly less crazy. But still crazy. I can’t see this selling for more than half the asking price.

    • Daniel

      Hmm. Now that I think about it, if it were my money, I’d rather have this:


      I’d redesign the interior to make it look more like the featured house, but I don’t see how it is nearly $60 million than the one I linked above.

    • Andrew

      A couple of supercars would certainly sweeten the deal, but I would think they would remember to mention this little detail! Then again, the website and the listing are both remarkably short on detail, so who knows… some pictures on their site show two attractive bikini-clad ladies lounging by the pool, maybe they come with the house too?

      • Daniel

        Yes, I saw that too. At first I thought is this Dan Bilzerian’s house or something? Guns, babes, cars, etc. All fine with me but a $2.5 million+ Veyron would certainly sweeten the deal, more so than that damn candy wall.

        Side note: This is LA. You know good and damn well that candy will sit there and rot like the candy in those 25cent vending machines you see at a car wash. Kale chips, quinoa, camu camu, chia seeds…all that crap would be better suited for the location.

  • NOVA Ben

    Stunning house. I’m not usually a fan of Contemporary houses in general, but this is amazing. There’s personality without being obnoxious, and everything oozes quality.

    I gotta give serious props to the current owner concerning the cars. Honestly, I saw the Bugatti, Maserati and Rolls and just kind of smirked…”typical”, I was thinking to myself. But this guy has not only a Spyker (which I would classify as the mark of a true automotive connoisseur), but he’s got a MORGAN AERO SUPERSPORTS!!! Are you kidding me?? Easily one of the coolest obscure cars on the planet.

    • Andrew

      I agree props for the cars are due but those cars are almost certainly staged, along with the rest of the decor. I doubt anyone had a chance to live in this home yet, because search shows there was a different house at this address, sold for 12 million in 2012 (not bad profit even if they sell for half of the asking price, huh?). So my guess is they tore the old house down (google maps show a hole in the ground), built this one and put it on the market when it was finished – I’d say time frame would be about right.

  • horselips

    I see wealth, but no class, style, but no dignity, a high price, but no value. The décor is loud, without eloquence, lavish yet cold. It is completely commercial with not a hint of residential. The owner hasn’t moved out yet – furniture, bedding, linens, dinnerware, glassware, tableware, and knick-knacks are all still there, but no sign of family life – not a picture, or a book, or even an indoor plant, just a lot of high-capacity wet bars and counters that seat as many or more people than the dining room. This dreadful place is as heartless and industrial inside as it is outside. It’s a house, but not a home.

    • c

      Thank god someone has some sense. This house is awful. Too flash and cash. Over priced and a joke.

    • Ryan

      All the “stuff” you mentioned is not from a current or previous owner – it’s new and comes with the house…

  • Marko

    Isay Weinfeld’s Casa Grécia is at least fifty times better:


  • Tony

    I’m sorry to always have something negative to say but this is a PIECE OF SHIT!!! I’m sorry but I see no tennis court. That is usually a tell tell sign that the amount of acreage is so small that a tennis court doesn’t fit. Usually that means there is less than one flat acre. Also they don’t reveal the square footage? That usually means there’s not much square footage. Also I don’t see any park-like grounds, no gardens, no nothing. This ain’t worth $85 million. For $85 million you should get at least 5 acres and a damn 35,000 square foot plus home with gardens and tennis court and park-like grounds. Now if this were a $10 million home i’d say its ok all though its not my personal taste but come on. Does anyone believe this crap is worth $85 million??

  • Tony

    my comments are not showing

  • Tony

    why aren’t my comments showing?

  • Tony

    Instead of buying this crap I would buy the two homes below and combine them into a 6 acre modern promontory mega estate and it would only cost about $28 million.

    below are the two estates i am referring to: http://3121antelo.com/


    • c

      My comments are not showing either.

  • Tony

    One of those estates that I mentioned is a modern estate of over 14,400 sq ft on a 2.75 acre promontory lot. The other home next door is Mariah Carey’s and it is on 3 acres. I’d make a mega estate of these two homes for only $28 million then flip it to one of you suckers for $90 million lol.

    • Andrew

      Yes but you’re preaching to the choir here, I don’t see anyone trying to argue this is exceptional value for money!

      • Tony

        My point is that some people were going on about how great this house is. This is crap for that price. I rather spend under $30 million to have something way way way better. Its insane to even entertain the thought of this house at that price. Plus this house looks cheap to me. It looks like a big box with plain white walls and cheap coardboard walls made of dry wall. I just don’t see why anyone thinks this house is so great when you could do way better for way cheaper.

        • Andrew

          I agree the price is ridiculous for what you get, but I can also look at the two in separation. Looking at it this way, I like the house. (I don’t think it’s the greatest ever, but I like it enough). In fact one reason I like it is because I think it would fit very well into my dream location for my home: on the slopes of the mountain above Sandy Bay in Hobart, Tasmania (amazing view, and my favourite city). It would be a 2-3 million dollar home over there.

          • Tony

            Hey Andrew, I personally don’t like the house, but I respect your opinion for liking the house. I just hate when I see houses this expensive when I know I could do way better for cheaper. However even though I don’t personally love this home I actually think it would be a great home at $3 million. I wouldn’t expect the best materials and best quality and the most acreage for $3 million. For $3 million this would be an amazing home. But at $85 million I know I could build a huge mega mansion on a huge lot. Something with amazing quality. Something like a Fleur Dy Lis or a La Belle Vie or a Le Belvedere or a Palais Des Anges (But possibly with even more acreage than most of these homes).

  • Tony

    Also for $85 million you should get something on par with The Manor or Fleur Dy Lys. You should have like 5 to 6 acres and something like 30,000 or more square feet bare minimum. Plus you should have expanisve park-like grounds with tennis court and gardens and the works. With the two combined estates I mentioned you could buy both for $25 million or less and then tear down Mariah’s house and combine them into 6 acres and add a tennis court and then renovate the almost 15,000 sq ft modern home for only $3 million and have a MEGA estate for only $28 million total.

  • c

    The is Bruce Makowsky’s house… he has a bunch of flip properties he’s done and doing.

    The house is supposedly 22k sq.ft. on the two levels and he paid $12.65m for the house he tore down.

    • Andrew

      22k sq.ft? Including the pool, the driveway and the rest of the grounds, perhaps! Just like the price, I think the area is also overstated by at least 100%. I counted 3 bedrooms in this home…

  • c

    This guy Bruce is really becoming a real estate baller. He bought 77 Bevelry Park to be his primary residence *the house Prince rented* and that former owner George Santo Pietro (Vanna White’s ex husband) was trying to unload pre-bust for $50m. Bruce paid $23.5m for it in 2010.

    Like so many of LA’s rich, he also maintains a Malibu beach house having purchased 23360 Malibu Colony out of foreclosure also in 2010 for $14.95m

    He purchased Martin Lawrence’s Beverly Park home for $17.2m and then flipped it for $24m.

    Flipped 7 Beverly Ridge Terrace, which he purchased for $11.725m and then sold for $16.75m

    He bought a three story modern for $5.3m at 9380 Sierra Mar Dr, renovated it and dropped it on the market for $25m— it was written about here and you all thought it looked like a toilet! He sold it for $19m.

    He also forked out $11m for a 1920’s Mediterranean at 924 Bel Air Rd, which he’s torn down and is building god knows what to flip. I’m sure it will be on the market soon enough and we will find out.

    I probably am missing other stuff he’s got going on but — he’s moving and shaking.

  • c

    He’s also trying to presently flip 34 Beverly Park– bought it for $13.45m and its listed at $25m with next to no renovations or changes.

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  • carolina

    Liberace called, he wants his house back.
    Please this house is so tacky, the only one that is going to buy this house is stupid and doesn’t know how to spend their money.
    First doesn’t have a large parking, Second Bentley pillows and animal print sheets this is bullshit and Third is just a mix of everything with a visible brand saying i think this is luxury and i don’t know how to spend wisely my money.
    More like a rapper or a Lottery winner.

    • Ryan

      Speaking of rappers, nice country grammar carolina…

      This home comes “stocked” (fully furnished, etc.), once someone buys it they can do what they want with all the toys. It’s just to fill out and space and I think it looks cool.

      The entire double wide road, mostly level with the home,is their private parking lot. You’d have to actually visit the house to know that.

      What’s wrong with animal print sheets? To each their own.

  • The 85 million dollar house did not show the bedrooms.

  • For 85 million dollars, I would expect far much more, such as an Island the house need to be on, with fruit and nut trees and a section for a garden. No nature and all materialistic in and around this house. Houses like this in some areas in the USA will sell for far less.

    Why buy one house to live in 10 houses or more this house cost.

  • arrowknight


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