Location: Kingston Upon Thames, Surrey, England, UK

Square Footage: 11,000

Bedrooms & Bathrooms: 7 bedrooms & 9 bathrooms

Price: £8,000,000 or $13,278,669

This gated mansion, with Contemporary interior, is located in Kingston Upon Thames, Surrey, England, UK. It features approximately 11,000 square feet of living space on 4 floors. The 1st floor features a foyer with modern staircase, two powder rooms, open concept formal living & dining rooms with fireplace, gourmet kitchen, family room, home office, conservatory and garage. The 2nd floor features the master suite, 3 additional bedroom suites and a separate staff bedroom suite above the garage complete with kitchenette. The 3rd floor features 2 bedroom suites and a playroom. The lower level features an indoor swimming pool with spa.


  • horselips

    Will some interior decorator specializing in contemporary style please find a way to make it look a lot less commercial – less like an office building? I’m thanking you in advance. Picture #6 looks like a photo of a business office.

    What is with British bathroom design? The ensuites and even the half-baths in this plan are huge, yet they all have tiny, free standing sinks, with no spacious, accommodating vanities or makeup counters, no separate closets for the toilets – for over $13 million, there can’t be any loose ends, nothing not completely thought out, nothing overlooked. Such as a 2 car garage (!) on a house like this. Such as 4 living levels and no elevator (!). Such as…oh never mind, don’t get me started.


  • Luke

    I attempt insofar as possible to judge homes based on the cultural and architectural context which they assume. To that end, I actually quite like a few of the Russian homes that are posted on this site. They are heavier on the eyes than the vast majority of homes, but one can over time develop an appreciation for their peculiar attention to the details, however overwrought.

    HOWEVER, I am still at the early stages of coming to terms with ‘Modern London’ or however one may describe it – classical exterior with modern interiors which have fallen victim to a significant bleach explosion.

    I don’t mind lots of white in homes which are both modern on the inside and out, but good modern homes are still well-balanced by modern, colourful materials with interesting textures. This home, needless, to say, has very little balance and some of the modern fixtures are just humorous (e.g., the staircase that looks like it has been lifted off the ground floor of a commercial office building).