$8.95 Million Newly Built Stone & Stucco Mansion In Hunters Creek Village, TX | Homes of the Rich – The #1 Real Estate Blog

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  • horselips

    I love this house! It’s a masterpiece. This architect and his client gets it. The rooms are gorgeous. They’re so nice, I can even forgive the occasional wood flooring. Over an acre, over 12K sq.ft., even the price seems right.

  • Andrew

    I like the outside but the interiors have this extreme old person vibe thanks to all that wood! Wood panelling, wood details on the ceilings and walls, and not just any planks of wood but dark and often carved, no less!
    Oh, just bring out a coffin and be done with it…

  • Hunter

    I love this estate. The stone and wood blend together beautifully. Not sure why people dislike dark wood. It looks gorgeous and not once did I think funeral home or coffin. That’s just weird.

  • Teddi

    Because when you have a preponderance of dark wood everywhere it becomes oppressive and (unless is a Tudor manor) will appear extremely dated. I love dark wood, but it really can’t be the be all and end all of every room.

    I will say this, I love the exterior. It’s traditional but still has some panache. The interior is disappointing by comparison. No oomph, just depressingly dark.

  • Chris

    The exterior is divine! It’s stunning. But the interior is a big no-no. It’s too dark. I love the wood and all but it needs to be lighter. Overall, for a house in one of the nation’s most expensive zip codes, it’s very well done.

  • Robert J

    This is my new favorite house. I was in love with the Stone Mansion in NJ but this home seems to be warmer than the the Stone Mansion and I like that feel. The kitchen is outstanding and having master suites on both the first and second floor of the house makes for a home you can live in well into your later years.

    Simply one of the best!!!!

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