75,000 Square Foot Identical Palaces In Moscow, Russia | Homes of the Rich – The #1 Real Estate Blog

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  • Thabo

    Wow its so huge, went on the internet and saw more pics. I wondering what are they doing with all that space……

  • horselips

    Hey Koch brothers! Check this out.

  • Andrew

    Quick search shows that Rotenbergs make billions on official building contracts, are close pals of one Vladimir Putin and are on the list of Russian individuals affected by sanctions due to the Ukrainian situation. Draw your own conclusions…

  • Jeez

    Sucks that the map aerial shows them under construction, I really wanna see how this is all laid out.
    The gated community across the street from this one has a really oppressive main gate.
    Do you think they see concrete communist style design the same way we see mid century modern?
    Or is it like “no this is a shitty neighborhood don’t bother robbing us”

  • Carol

    Wonder if Snowden has been invited there…

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