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  • horselips

    Meh. (Meaning too many wrong things to go into here.)

    • Luke

      Please do mention a few. It helps others learn.

  • Luke

    I think it is just the lighting but some of the ceilings look really low.

  • horselips

    Outside – back yard – no provision for outdoor entertainment – no covered patio, outdoor kitchen, no amenities of any kind. Front yard – no porte cochere. It’s either cold, raining or snowing about half the year in NY. The style of the elevation is quite nice, despite the shortcomings of the actual design.

    Inside – Luke is right, the ceilings are way too low. Why don’t architects understand scale? Mansions have large rooms, and that has to be reflected not just in length and width but in height as well. Especially if the ceilings are going to be heavily ornamented. The nature of the ceiling decoration in this house is so heavy and overdone that the height should be at least 14′-16′, and because they’re not, the rooms look squashed. Especially pics 8, 12 & 13. WTF is with pic 15? It looks like they stuck half a Godzilla egg in a breakfast nook. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a bathroom look like that.

    Anybody who can drop $8 million on his crib is going to have some rides. If he has a spouse and any teenage kids, they’re going to have rides too. The garage is a joke – completely inadequate for a mansion. When my kids were still living at home, between myself, my wife, son and daughter, we had five cars to park and our lovely $200K tract house only had a 3 car garage.

    Stairs to get to the front door, stairs to get out to the back yard, tennis court and pool, stairs to access three levels of living, and no mention of an elevator. I hope the great grandparents are in great shape, otherwise they’re not going to like this place. No handicapped person is going to fare well here – indoors or out. And sooner or later, there but for the grace of God, go us all.

    A mansion isn’t just big, it’s also supposed to be better. That means the architect sweats the details, and his design takes into consideration the current, and anticipates the future needs of all of its residents and guests. To accomplish that, he gets millions of dollars and umpteen thousands of square feet to work with. Otherwise, why bother building a great estate at all?

    I don’t like this house. It’s design is inadequate, and it looks, and must certainly feel, weird inside.

  • Ruby M. Robinson

    Horselips, Luke;

    Thank you both for sharing, I enjoy learning from Horselips and Daniel.

    You are absolutely correct, the front of this house is just not complete. It looks like they ran out of money and could not finish the front and do any kind of sensible landscaping.

    As I looked at the backyard I couldn’t get past the fact that they didn’t even clean the pool for the photos.

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