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  • horselips

    The architect is a man after my own heart. This is how a great house should be – perfectly symmetrical façade, an epic porte cochere at the front door (and not at a side entrance through the freaking kitchen) and space to park the family’s rides.
    This house is perfectly sized – between 10 and 12 thousand square feet is my ideal – enough to include everything I need or want without going full-retard-attention-whore-super-mega-mansion we see so much of. The décor is tastefully embellished with lots of marble and high quality cabinetry and paneling. A proper sense of scale is evident throughout.
    The grounds are lovely. Ample facilities for lavish outdoor entertainment. No doubt about it, the owner is a person of impeccable taste, and his architect comprehends the nature of class, style, and elegance.

    • Andrew

      Funny you don’t complain about the incompetence of the design in this garage, even though in this case really only 6 or 7 cars at most are accessible, the others can only be parked in the back… and by the way, no way 15 cars will fit there. I see 6 facing the doors so there can only be 6 at most in the second row.

      • horselips

        Indeed, pic#16 shows only 6 doors and #17 shows space for 2 rows of 6. The claimed “lift capacity” of 24 cars must mean that the garage is a 2 story facility, ultimately allowing for 4 rows of 6. You’re right about the limited accessibility of such a design, but looking at the vehicles in pic#17, I would guess that many of his cars are collectibles, and not daily or even frequent drivers. Just like a gun collection – there are “safe queens” that are kept locked up, never to be shot.

        Yes, you are 100% right about the faults of the garage design, but this isn’t a 20 million dollar 20,000 square foot estate like so many we have seen here with woefully inadequate parking. For its size and price, it’s still way ahead of many others.

        • Andrew

          It’s not a 2-story facility, what they mean is that if you put car lifts there you could double the capacity because each lift holds two cars (one above the other).

      • Steve

        I’ve seen this house in person, there is a completely separate three car garage attached to the main structure that isn’t shown in any pictures. Also there is a 7th garage door on the side of the larger garage (directly in front of the Chevy trailblazer in pic17).So assuming you park the second row just like the Chevy, you would have 12 spaces with 2 cars being inaccessible. Or you could fit 15 with 6 being inaccessible.

        • Andrew

          Cool, thanks for the clarification.

  • Luke

    If it were not for the ugly exterior which wraps around the courtyard in photo #16, this home would almost be perfect.

  • Daniel

    The head-on view of this (photo 2) makes it look like a nice home, but good grief when that porte-cochere comes into view (photo 3) it all goes to hell. Horribly obnoxious. Interior is marble and beige overload.

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