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  • Mak

    My eyes are burning. Splashing with water doesn’t help. I think I have to go to the ER.

    • Mak

      OH MY GOD! They’re BLEEDING! My EYES are BLEEDINGGGG! Someone ANYONE! Call 911!

      • Sunny Delight

        Yeesh ok..the first one was already borderline overkill..and then you had the audacity to comment on your (pointless) initial comment with a much thicker, as well as unnecessary, incoherent psychobabble. Flabbergasted, to say the least.

        I am truly baffled..

        House needs to explore a more appropriate sanguine decor rather than this blinding atrocity as Mak so thoroughly beat to a bloody pulp in the previous two comments.


        • Mak

          You should really go back to your dictionary if you plan to use big words like “audacity” and “sanguine”. Go ahead. Check your dictionary. They don’t make any sense in the context in which you use them AT ALL. The unfortunate consequence of your poor word choices is that you come across as an imbecile.

  • horselips

    The front elevation is asymmetrical and disjointed and not in a good way – it fails. The foyer is stunning but predictable. The rest of the house is same-ol’, same-ol’. At least it’s been spared the insult and indignity of a degrading contemporary or modern décor. And now for the down side – everything else. The location (PRC) blows chunks, there’s no land (1/2 an acre?!?!), garage space for only 4 vehicles (if you fill all six bedrooms, where will those family/friends park? On the street? Next door?) As for that price – for almost $7 million dollars, this doesn’t even come close.

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