53,000 Square Foot Unfinished Mega Mansion In New South Wales, Australia | Homes of the Rich – The #1 Real Estate Blog

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  • Andrew

    The location is slightly unfortunate: the house sits right on the edge of Princes Highway (yes, Princes with one ‘s’, I think it was originally Prince’s but somehow lost the apostrophe along the way), which is the main route connecting Sydney and Melbourne. Otherwise it would be pretty OK place to live – Sydney is about 120kms north, Wollongong only about 40k. Plenty of beaches and other pretty locations nearby… if only it wasn’t right on what is possibly the busiest road in the country!

  • horselips

    Leave the graffiti as it is – just call it contemporary décor. Who’d know the difference? The same people who are taken by abstract art would probably compliment it, declare it to be ‘sophisticated,’ and even discern some deep and esoteric ‘meaning’ in it.

  • DebrinaMaria

    I hate to see these beautiful mega mansions being over run with vandalism. I’m so glad someone has purchased this property and is completing it. Good for you. Enjoy this palace.
    I hate to see great things go to waste.

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