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  • Justin Taylor

    I am actually a fan of the Candy & Candy aesthetic but this is a gigantic miss in my opinion.

    • Kenny Forder


    • Andrew

      I agree it’s a miss but to me it doesn’t look like it was meant to be ‘Candy & Candy aesthetic’. I mean, just because it’s modern it doesn’t automatically equal ‘Candy & Candy’…

  • Andrew

    Umm… not for me, I’m afraid. And why is there a bathtub in the middle of the living room?

  • Daniel

    I’m having trouble believing this was actually done by C&C. The refinement level isn’t even a tenth of a percent of what they usually do. The only thing that looks like C&C work is the black kitchen cabinets and hood. A very strange and ugly home.

    • Andrew

      Maybe that’s what happens when designers try to branch out from what they do best – the recently featured Nico Van Der Meulen house was another example of this.

      • Daniel

        If you go on their website it says that C&C will now license its name out. I’m hoping that is what happened here. This home is an embarrassment to the brand.

  • GeorgeL

    The gun in Pic 3 and the plywood look in Pic 6 need to go.


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