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  • Brian

    This mansion has a spectacular setting and some very nice features, including the sea green marble master bath. But the library is intolerable. It should have been a full two stories; the upper shelving is essentially inaccessible. I can just imagine trying to retrieve an 11 lb. volume (which is what many books now weigh) from the stratosphere while balanced precariously on a ladder. Fail.

  • horselips

    Odd floor plan – really, really odd, but nice décor. Too bad it’s in the PRC.

    • Luke

      Besides the staircase being far away from the foyer, what else is off about the floor plan? Educate me. :p

      • horselips

        I’m not qualified to educate you, but I do know what I like and don’t like, if that will do.

        Start with the upper left drawing, the Master bathroom. What are those small, unlabeled spaces on either side of the sinks? I can see the exit from the stairs to the hall leading to the Master bedroom, but how do you get to the other bedroom? There’s no door in any direction. Speaking of other bedrooms, 10,607 sq. ft. and only 3 bedrooms?

        Top right drawing – what an oddly shaped media room. What is all that space around the spiral staircase? A gigantic landing?

        Main floor – To begin with, I’m not a big fan of asymmetrical mansions. That said, the entry and the living room are just one big space, with no discernible separation. Usually, I’m all for open spaces, but not here. These two rooms have distinctly different roles to play, and each is entitled to its own character and atmosphere. Brian nailed the library. The layouts – space utilization – of the bathrooms is incomprehensible. That 3/4 bath between the spiral staircase and the library is gigantic, yet it is only given a tiny cubicle shower. BTW, what is that bathroom for anyway? The adjacent bedroom has its own ensuite, and who needs a shower serving the library? The 1/2 bath next to the office is almost the size of the office. Even if it is meant to be handicapped accessible, it’s way out of proportion. Speaking of that spiral staircase, look at the size of the space surrounding it. More than roomy enough for a far more convenient and easy to use standard flight of stairs. As for going up and down, $37.5 million and they couldn’t spring for a 50K elevator? WTF. There are nooks, crannies and cubbies drawn all over the plan that are unlabeled and have no discernible purpose. The laundry is in the wrong place, it should be conveniently located in the bedroom wing, with a separate, private laundry for the Master Bedroom. There is nothing luxurious about having to lug baskets of clothes back and forth across the house through the library and the living room to and from that tiny laundry room. Even worse, having to lug your threads up and down the friggin’ stairs. Adjacent to the laundry is a wrapping room. A what? Geezus, it’s over 20 feet long. It’s easily 2 1/2 times the size of the beleaguered laundry. What on earth is being wrapped? Major department stores don’t have giftwrap areas that large. The garage is practically useless, it holds 2 whole vehicles.

        Why is the family gym located in the guesthouse? The plan doesn’t show how the exercise room is related to the rest of the guesthouse – is it adjacent to the bedroom, is it on a second floor? Where? How?

        Count the rooms. Not counting stair halls, utility room and other service areas, I see only 15 rooms. And they’re not inordinately large or otherwise noteworthy. I have seen better plans for much smaller houses that offer more impressive and varied public and private spaces.

  • Puresouthern

    I was so excited upon seeing the outside and the first few pictures. The outside and the location were stunning. The inside failed to deliver though. It almost seemed to be one those houses with an identity crisis. It just never seems to make up its mind. A lot of potential though.

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