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  • Jeff

    Do you have any idea of about where along the Greenwich shore it’s located. You know I’ll be your agent in CT and bring you photos during all it’s phases of construction!

  • horselips

    I clicked on the project page, then on ‘residences’ – this builder has done some nice work. If Charles Hilton’s floorplan is innovative and creative, this could be a very nicely done place.

    • Marko

      What would “innovative” mean exactly?

      • horselips

        Innovative? Think of the fun you could have with 35,000 square feet and dozens of millions of dollars to play with. Concealed secret passages accessing a whole house hidden within a house. Forget stupid indoor sports like squash, handball and basketball courts, and mere indoor pools – how about an indoor mini-lake of about 5-6,000 sq.ft., with a romantic island in the middle – complete with palm trees and white sand beach and grass-hut love nest. Instead of a bowling alley, or along with it, why not a regulation 25 yard indoor pistol range. Why not fill the basement with a mini version of the “Baths of Caracala” complete with cold and hot pools, gymnasium, orgy room, and all the rest, done in authentic Roman décor. Let your imagination, and your passions run wild.

        Behind that stately, dignified Georgian façade would be a complete adult playground. Nero’s infamous Domus Aurea had a rotating dining room. What might we do today with modern technology – electrically moving floors, walls, retractable domes over interior courtyards, incredible lighting – all cleverly designed to create a variety of different atmospheres and environments, all with the push of a button. Think of modern cruise ships, the Flavian Amphitheater and Las Vegas’s Fremont Street Experience for inspiration.

        Of course, the usual suspects – living, dining, family, and library-den rooms would have to be there, as well as a kitchen, good number of bedrooms, patios, verandas, and a very large garage. But they don’t have to look like every other classical or contemporary home. I’d arrange a meeting with a couple of dozen leading interior designers, as well as artists and dreamers and offer the job to the one who creates an original, new ethic, unlike anything else yet attempted, not old, not contemporary, but different, and beautiful. Different architectural ornamentation besides the customary classic or contemporary moldings, paneling, cabinetry, glass, flooring, finishes and textures.

        Save your breath, I’m crazy and I already know it, but the last thing we need is yet another great big, very expensive – yawn.

  • tay

    It’s not actually on the shore. The house is going up on Putnam Lake in a large, cleared lot with 2 entrances and the addresses around 75 Oakley Lane and 627 North Street. I am pretty sure the home is being built for a Chinese businessman who bought the land recently for close to $9 million.

    • tay

      **Exact address is 633 North street and they were 2 seperate lots that sold for $11 million in 2011.

  • Roosevelt

    I like horeslips ideas.

  • Austin D

    Charles Hilton’s website has updates on this mansion.. I believe it is on Putnam Lake in Greenwich, CT off Oakley Lane. You can also see the pool-house or guest house on the website as well, along with Google Earth. I might make an observation this owner is probably of Chinese descent, the weathervane on top is of a dragon.

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