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  • horselips

    Award winning, eh? I’ve got one more accolade to give – The Booby Prize. Contemporary decors are becoming as monotonous, repetitive and predictable as classical ones have become. As for this particular example, I’ll pass.

  • Andrew

    Another lot that’s got it backwards – wood belongs on the floor, white finish belongs on the furniture. Why? Because you walk on the floor not on the furniture, that’s why.

    • Kat

      You can’t walk on a white floor?

      • Andrew

        You can, you just have to spend time maintaining it or it starts looking gross really quickly. This might be OK for some, but I believe in low maintenance above all else – there must be better things to do with your life than cleaning floors!

        • John

          I doubt the owner’s of homes on this website clean their own floors.

          • Andrew

            Fair point, so let me rephrase: there must be better things to pay for than cleaning floors!

  • Jackson


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