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  • Puresouthern

    Hmm, OK this is my neck of the woods. 1st time. Not sure where they are hiding this. I’ll have to do a drive by when I go thru. It is an absolute beautiful area. I would honestly have to say that price might be low. (admittedly probably would not make a good realtor )There is a lot of nice homes but to my knowledge (which may be limited) not of this size. Small homes on one of the numerous lakes can be a million or 2. The outside of this is horrendous. There are aspects of the inside I like. Hate that tub. I REALLY hate that tub.

    • Warwick von Ferdinand III

      May I just inquire (with no pretensions of disrespect): what in God’s name would propel an individual to buy this type of house? The location is utterly unremarkable (central Florida has a virtually limitless supply of land – there’s a reason Walt Disney chose it). Yes, I understand that it is 22,000 square feet, but surely one would see the advantage of trading some of that space for, say, a oceanfront plot, or at least a neighborhood with some pedigree in Naples or one of the many nice areas in Palm Beach/Broward/Miami-Dade County in SE FL.

      Frankly I just don’t see the point of dumping a big pile of stucco in the middle of nowhere; it baffles me even further to deduce the profile of a target buyer.

      • Puresouthern

        This area as it happens is not unremarkable. This area, the historical town of Mount Dora and Tavares are extremely charming. Also this is Lake county, not Orange. It is very beautiful and is about a 1/2 hour out of Disney. There is lakes virtually at every turn (hence it’s name). No, not the ocean but this is a very beautiful area of Central Florida. Central Florida is a very broad term for numerous counties that run clear over to Ocala, Gainesville and the University of Florida. Now having said that I was just as surprised to find a mega mansion had been built there…and one so ugly at that.

  • Daniel

    Big house with a piss-poor layout and interior design.

  • horselips

    I like the medieval-renaissance-ish elevation – it’s romantic, and captures the imagination. Inside, another story. Loss of scale common with multi-story designs, specifically (pic#4) large rooms squashed under low ceilings supported by short, squat columns. Even stacking short columns (pic#6) doesn’t help. The whole interior suffers, all sense of grandeur is lost. Columns should soar, and support high ceilings. The whole place is too large – pic#21 of the back yard could just as well be the courtyard of a Embassy Suites resort hotel. If you didn’t know, how would you tell? Oh, and that bathtub…geezus effing –

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