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  • limedaiquar

    I was thinking “Oh wow this is really nice, they really know what they’re doing..” then I saw the architect. No wonder.

    But why is there like a stove and fridge in the laundry room? I’m dead

    • NOVA Ben

      I think that’s a sort of combination laundry/catering kitchen thing…I did think that was weird at first too.

  • Daniel

    I’m pretty sure we saw this on the site before, but with no interior shots. Regardless, it is a very beautiful home. Jeff Smith is my favorite architect, and his attention to detail and scale are obvious. One quirk though is the full kitchen in the laundry room – odd.

  • c

    Yes, this was on the site before.

    My guess is the laundry room is expected to double as a staff kitchen, so the live in help doesn’t cook for themselves in the main kitchen… kinda a poor kitchen ( ala NYC poor door fiasco ). Also, judging by the fact there is only 1 washer / dryer ( not typical for large mansions like this ) it is a secondary laundry room as well.

    I can appreciate the detail, but this house is not at all my cup of tea. The house next door however. I’d love to call home.


    • Kelly

      I believe the washer and dryer in the butlers pantry are for table linens. Overkill, yes, but a cool idea if one does a lot of formal dinners

  • NOVA Ben

    I’m a bigger fan of the exterior than the interior. I think it’s just a tad too predictable inside. The outside is just fabulous. I suppose Mediterranean homes are a dime a dozen in Atlanta, but this one really brings the quality.

  • Marko

    It has ugly interiors and unsuitable surrounding vegetation for this kind of house.

    Jeffrey W. Smith and Richardson Robertson III are two architects which aren’t hired as much as they should.

    Does anybody know who designed that house almost across the street? It is located at 468 Blackland Road NW, Atlanta, Georgia.

  • Marko

    I’m shocked that Daniel, when talking about the mansions in Florida in this post


    mentiones Pietra Mar and La Follia over (non-Jeffrey Smith) Il Palmetto. Surely that must be the best Mediterranean, if not the best house no matter the style in Florida?

    • Daniel

      While Il Palmetto is a treasure, the interiors leave a lot to be desired. The enormous living room in Il Palmetto now seems so cold and the furniture so out of place. And there are a few other interior rooms that don’t look all that spectacular. The exterior however, is superb. Love it. But if it were my money, I’d go with La Follia.

      • Marko

        Thank you for the reply!

        There are photos of the interior somewhere online?

        Could you post the link?

        It’s such a great house that no matter how hideous, it just seems so easy to fix all that is bad inside.

        • Daniel



          • Marko

            Thank you!

            I found the Fairfax and Simmons link immediately after I posted the request.

            It doesn’t seem that bad to me. I love the colour of the parquet. The kitchen looks nice, though the plaid chairs are hideous. I don’t like the coffered ceilings and the settees and carpet look shabby. It could use a bit of shine, but I like the laidback rustic feel. That hallway is wonderful in its sparseness and lighting.

            It would be fun to see it looking like La Reverie.

            By the way, what are those unidentified houses on Davis General Contracting’s website? Do you know how I could find them on Bing Maps?

        • Daniel

          (In reply to the Davis General Contracting question)

          1) La Follia – 1295 S. Ocean Blvd, Palm Beach, FL
          2) Oceanfront Italian, designed by Jeff Smith – 1341 S. Ocean Blvd., Palm Beach, FL
          More pics here: http://bunnywilliams.com/interiordesign/florida-villa-i/
          3) Venetian Splendor, designed by Jeff Smith – 1485 S. Ocean Blvd., Palm Beach, FL
          4) La Reverie, 1415 S. Ocean Blvd., Palm Beach, FL
          5) Shingle Style, designed by Jeff Smith, 1197 N. Lake Way, Palm Beach, FL
          6) Oceanfront Mediterranean, designed by Jeff Smith, 100 Casa Bendita, Palm Beach, FL
          7) Monterey Style, designed by Jeff Smith…someplace north of the Breakers.
          8) Villa Grazia, deisgned by Jeff Smith, 185 Woodbridge Road, Palm Beach, FL (directly next door to Mar a Lago).


          • Daniel

            Oops. Forgot #9, Georgian Elegance, but the location is unknown!


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