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  • horselips

    I’m sure this apartment has everything, and so what. It’s in Paris. That’s at least 2 strikes against it. Paris isn’t what it used to be. It’s the home of many thousands of thoroughly unassimilated and radicalized Muslims, whose Sharia is a tolerated companion legal system to enacted French law. The ‘intifada’ was years ago, but there are still parts of the city where the police are not welcome and rarely if ever enter.

    To make matters worse, the current socialist government has embarked on class warfare with a vengeance, raising taxes on precisely the class of people who can afford this residence so high, that a large percentage of France’s richest citizens have fled to Britain and other parts of Yurop.

    Given the socio-economic state of the city, the seller might have a hard time finding a buyer, and I’m sure he won’t get anywhere near his asking price. Perhaps if he surrounds the building with a crenulated wall, complete with archer slits, murder holes, portcullis and moat, it might be more appealing.

    • NOVA Ben

      Wow. Just, wow. Thoughts on everything but the actual house. Last time I checked, this was “Homes of the Rich”, not “Political Opinions on Foreign Countries”.

      Pretty sure they’ll find a buyer just fine.

      • horselips

        Ben, you’re 100% right. That stipulated, location and price have always been important considerations in our comments, and since we only have 4 pictures of this apartment, there wasn’t much left to deal with, so I took this rare opportunity to swan dive off the deep end. Hope you didn’t get too wet.

        • Teddi

          Funny how you didn’t seem to feel the need to launch into your political diatribe on that house in South Africa. Quite the contrary, your view was that it didn’t matter where it was located. I wonder if that house was located in Paris we’d still be treated to the same soliloquy. I agree with Ben. Let’s stick to discussing the homes and leave politics and religion to all the many sites that specifically cater to those discussions.

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