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  • Grrrowler

    “Newly built brick mansion in . . . England” told me everything I need to know about the house. Obviously it will have a traditional exterior and a nondescript generic interior. Oh look, I’m right. And, we have yet another instance of a new English house with no direct connection between the kitchen and the dining room; it boggles the mind.

    • Mak

      Wow Grrrowler…I could have written that comment!

      That dining room will be used maybe twice a year. It’s just too damn far to schlep all of the trappings of a dinner that far for a simple meal, and then schlep it all back to the kitchen for cleaning. Who would bother?

      And of course, we have the antiseptic WHITE interior.


  • horselips

    Outside, it’s dignified and impressive. It’s very nicely done. Inside, it missed the bus. The loggia is woefully inadequate in size and features for outdoor entertaining. Is there a pool? Am I out of line expecting an elevator in a multi-level $12 million home? A decent 3-stop lift only runs about $30-40 grand.

  • novikora

    Beautiful house, but god, are you alergic to color? also some landscaping on the grounds would be nice, some more shrubs, a bunch of trees, things like that


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