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  • Matt

    I really hope someone buys lynnewood hall and totally redoes it. it is an amazing home and can be a real gem!

  • limedaiquar

    If someone buys Lynnewood, I think it best is served as a museum cause it’s not really in a prime location of anything. What’s around that caters to people in the market for a 20+ mil house?

  • Scott

    Frankly I’m shocked that they could ask $20 million for Lynnewood. The estate is in such disastrous shape that finding someone who wants to restore it will be difficult enough. The price tag just makes the likelihood that it will be demolished that much greater 🙁

  • Daniel

    The only hope Lynnewood has of being saved is if some religious institution buys it. As magnificent as the home was once upon a time, I think it is past the point of saving. All the money and resources restoring it would be better spent preserving current masterpieces, not ones that have been lost long ago. Shame to see its current state,

  • Grrrowler

    Sadly, tragically, Lynnewood will probably be torn down to make room for a new housing development. There would be very few private individuals who could afford to restore the house who would want to live in its location. Most religious organizations couldn’t afford to restore it, and those that could wouldn’t want to bring so much attention to themselves by spending that much money. Its best hope would be to be turned into a hotel (a la Oheka Castle), but recouping the purchase and restoration costs would probably not make it a good investment.

    Lime’s suggestion of Lynnewood becoming a museum seems the most plausible. It would make a perfect home and museum for a local historical society, and could also be used as an event venue. In any event, it’s sad to see such an incredible house on which so much time and attention was spent simply rotting away.

    Of the other three houses, Landy’s is superb. I know the rusticity isn’t popular amongst the other regulars, but I love it. The attention to detail warms my heart, and overall it feels like something special.

  • tlca

    For the Lynnwood home, click on the link – 55 bedrooms and a single (one) full bathroom and no half-baths!!!!???? I’m so hoping that’s a typo. 55 people using a single toilet – just yuck. How many flushes a day can a toilet take?

    • Grrrowler

      There were a lot more bathrooms when it was originally built; I count 21 on the first and second floors alone. That could be a typo, or it could reflect the dismal state of the interior. Or, maybe the seminary decided that using the toilet was a sin and all but one of the bathrooms were removed.

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