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    I don’t believe this price. Absurd.

    Also, I wonder how frequently they have to empty the pool and shovel out the sand. There’s not a lot of vertical difference between the ocean level and the pool edge.

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    Classic “pirate architecture,” essentially an oversized beach house lavishly and ornately furnished with plunder from the Spanish Main. Your insurance agent will remind you, “If you live close to water, expect to get wet.” Given that, who would insure such a house, located where it is?

    Forty-Eight million dollars. American. And it’s cursed with 800 feet of private beach, which means you’ll need great binoculars because all the eye candy that frequents tropical paradise beaches will be very far away.

    On the upside, I do like single story mansions with high ceilings throughout – no need for exaggerated staircases and elevators, and no squashed ground floor rooms with low, 10 foot ceilings.

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    Can’t one buy Richard Branson’s island for less money than this? And at least that comes with the bragging rights of all the celebs who stayed there.

    I get that Turks and Caicos is trying to attract luxury tourism dollars and are spending lots of money to do so, but until they actually get to that place, unless it’s a hotel, I can think of no conceivable reason to spend $48 million on real estate there. Dubai and Monaco managed to attract the richest of the rich in a relatively short period of time, so it’s possible for T&C to get to that point as well. But this price point is an example of running before learning to walk. There’s simply no justification for it.

    As for needing binoculars, the whole point of anything with the words “private island” in the title is for…privacy. The people who spend money on these places aren’t interested in gawking at others nor do they wish to be close enough to anyone to be gawked at. If they wanted to be surrounded by sunbathing strangers they’d buy a place in South Beach or Ibiza.


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