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  • Daniel

    Outstanding. With a proper interior designer, this will be a true dream home. Puts most Newport Coast mansions to shame. A very dignified home. Stunning front gate/driveway too.

  • horselips

    The interior is splendid, and the outdoor entertainment facilities are spectacular. But that entrance has to go. It looks like the jungle is about to overgrow, reclaim and swallow the whole front elevation. Nature must be subdued and dominated – cut, trimmed and shaped to compliment and support the architecture, never to be a consuming focal point. The building must never be forced to accommodate itself to the site.

  • Grrrowler

    This is gorgeous. The exterior and grounds and beautiful and I love the stairs leading down to the pool. The interior is in desperate need of a skilled decorator, but the rooms sizes and proportions are excellent and there are some interesting existing details. Changing out the uninspired furnishings could, as Daniel said, make this a dream home.

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