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  • Tony

    Hey I left a comment earlier?? Where’s my comment?

  • Tony

    Hey Kenny, I was wondering if you may know, is this house sunken? Meaning when you walk in you walk downward like a house with a sunken living room or whatever. Cause the height of this house looks so low on exterior as if it is a one story home with low ceilings. But inside it is two story and the ceilings are fairly high. I wonder if the house is built downward into the ground so there is more space inside than what is visible from the outside. Also the moldings, cabinetry and details are amazing.

  • horselips

    Of all the classical styles so many mansions are inspired by, I like this Palladian effort the best – more than Mediterranean, French, Tuscan, etc. The architectural ornamentation here is of surpassing beauty and grace.

    It is wonderment that contemporary architects and interior designers have been unable, in the last hundred years or so, to come up with anything that compares with the genius of the Ancient, Renaissance, and Baroque/ Rococo styles. No wonder the vast majority of homes featured here, including new construction, are modeled after styles from the distant past.

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