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  • GeorgeL


  • horselips

    Well, somebody’s ship came in, and they built their fantasy dream house. Their fantasy, certainly not mine. There’s something almost intrinsically weird about contemporary European residential architecture. They’re always missing something or getting something wrong with the actual design – sometimes it’s bathrooms, sometimes outdoor facilities, garage space, whatever, it’s always something they just don’t get

  • Andrew

    That cannon in the bowling alley made me laugh. In fact the rest of this house makes me laugh too, but in a different way.

  • Daniel

    The exterior is Art Nouveau taken to a comical extreme. Interior is shockingly restrained, and dare I say, even has some nice spaces. I actually like the cannon in the bowling alley…but I can’t figure out where the pins go. It just looks like a wall at the end of the room. Where’s the pinsetter?

    • Grrrowler

      There’s a Ukrainian girl who gets paid 500 Rubles a day to stand at the end of the lane and manually set up the pins. If the Russian owner is in a good mood, she’ll be allowed to step out of the way before the players throw/fire the balls.

      • Mak



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