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  • Brian

    The garden front is somewhat reminiscent of the colonnaded elevation of Château de Ferrières, a Rothschild estate, although not as refined (or vast). The indoor pool is ghastly and unusable, especially given the climate. Slide show still not loading….

  • Daniel

    That is one impressive hallway.

  • horselips

    I like this expression of the baroque ethic – that of dominating nature and shaping it to compliment the exterior elevation, rather than the weak, subservient, lame notion that a house should be made to conform to the site. The indoor pool is indeed ghastly. However, the rest of the place, resplendent with marble floors and pilasters is quite nice.

  • Tony

    This house looks really cheap to me. The roof-line isn’t intricate and detailed enough. The exterior looks cheap. I am not sure if it is limestone or faux limestone. And the stonework looks so blah and basic. Look at the stonework on Palais Des Anges and then look at this crap. There’s a huge difference. Also the interior of this home is lacking. The interior should look more like Chateau Louis XIV.

    Here is Palais Des Anges: http://9577sunset.com/

    Here is Chateau Louis XIV: http://www.cogemad.com/en/collections/chateau-louis-xiv.html#

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