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  • horselips

    Pull this architect’s license! Do it today!

    Ahem. A full bath, including a vanity, toilet and tub/shower can fit nicely into an 8’x5′ space. That’s a whole 40 square feet. With 13, 648 square feet, and millions of dollars to work with, why was this turkey’s bedroom wing designed with Jack-and-Jill and shared bathrooms? Unbelievable. And an automatic deal-killer.

    Even the garage is stupid. One, maybe two of the dozen cars in it can be driven in or out, the rest require other cars to be moved first. it could require moving three cars out to get to the one you want to drive if it was parked in the far corner. Then you have to put the three cars back in. And hope the car you park in that far back corner isn’t the one somebody else might want to drive next. It’s horrible. No, it’s worse than that – it’s incompetent.

    • Andrew

      You’re not a very good driver, are you?

      • horselips

        I’ve had my moments. Don’t tell my parents. Thanx.

        • Andrew

          I seriously don’t know what you’re on about though – if you even bother to look at the plan you can clearly see 11 cars parked and every one of them can be driven in and out without disturbing the others. That’s assuming plan is to scale, but again, looking at the picture of the actual garage, it appears to be pretty close.


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