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  • Daniel

    Photo 4 looked promising, and then the rest of the home was a bore. If only the followed the style of the foyer throughout the home. Nice pool, but the home itself is quite dated and ugly looking.

  • horselips

    Pic 1 – I like the driveway in very much. Pic 6 – those cabinets look right out of my doctor’s examining room. Pic 9 – That monolith with the TV is too ‘in your face.’ Was it inspired by the monolith in 2001, A Space Odyssey? The wine cellar looks good except for the retail-store glass doors, the outside entertaining areas/pool are nice, but forget the rest.

  • Andrew

    This is an example of a style often found in Sydney’s outer suburbs – low and spread out, large outdoor but under cover entertaining areas, usually with a barbeque which is often combined with some sort of bar area, Interiors are usually some variation of a modern theme.

    I usually like this sort of thing, but I don’t think interiors of this one are executed especially well. Location might have something to do with it: Cobbitty is an affluent area, yet it is deep, deep in the south west of Sydney’s suburban sprawl: the area largely occupied by bogans, or as you’d perhaps say, rednecks. In short, types not particularly known for their taste.

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