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  • horselips

    Very nicely done. I’ve been drawing floorplans and schematics for everything from yachts to tombs to houses to zeppelins for decades – it’s a wonderful and inexpensive hobby. The home plans are never really finished, I have a few I’ve been fooling around with -changing this or that- for over 20 years. Will I ever get it perfect? I hope not. it’s too much fun burning erasers.
    This is a very comprehensive design, I especially appreciate the symmetrical footprint and classical elevation. It’s lacking only one thing I now include in most of my latest plans – an indoor shooting range. My house plans usually top out at around 12,000 sq. ft. so a 25 yard pistol range is all I can reasonably hope for but a palace on this scale should be able to accommodate a full indoor 100 yard rifle range.
    In my own fantasy plans, I include fewer ‘sports’ stuff like basketball, tennis, and squash courts, bowling alleys and such, and include more rooms dedicated to sheer debauchery and moral depravity. I learned in college that was the best use of my leisure time. I also include lots of garage space – usually for between 6 and 9 vehicles, and room under the porte cochere for 4 more.

    Bottom line – Thank you for this submission – you did an outstanding job. Keep up the good work.

  • Teddi

    I will love any design that actually includes a badminton court. It is so hard to find anyone who knows what it is, much less find a court. Americans don’t seem to have any love for that particular game which is a shame since badminton is the only form of exercise I’ll willingly partake in.

    You only need add a cricket pitch to the backyard and I’m sold.

    All in all, another great floor plan, Annie. I think the last one you submitted is still my fave, though this one definitely has more ways to spoil the owners which I appreciate.

  • Andrew

    Am I going blind or did you seriously design a house of 88,000 square feet WITH NO GARAGE?????

  • Puresouthern

    Andrew, you beat me to it. That’s what I was getting ready to ask. I think the house is great. You did a great job, but uh where IS the garage? Or where were you intending it? lol Inquiring minds…

  • Jonathan

    Love the design, especially the master suite. I am assuming Anna is British due to her lack of a garage and indoor tennis court instead of a Basketball court.

  • Sean

    Absolutely excellent for the most part. As a few have said, the lack of a garage is the only thing worth mentioning. I’d personally replace the rink in the basement with a swimming pool complex as it’s closer to the gym etc. The space freed up in the existing pool wing would then be perfect for a 6-8 car garage. Overall though extremely impressive and well planned.

    • Puresouthern

      I actually like that idea, that rink would be a really good place for the pool. However, I would go one step further and flip the bowling alley, squash and badminton over to that pool wing. THEN turn that into garaging with lower garaging. Only because then you enter on the family wing and not the entertaining wing. Anna, we are not picking on your idea I promise. I actually think you did an incredible job. Talk about “mansion porn” you delivered. How about for tradition sake a chapel instead of recording studio 😛 lol

  • KnownWho

    Two words about garage. I think that its placement directly in the Main-House-building is not an actual necessity. It could be located in a separate building to the left of the main house and to be linked with main house with underpass. Exit to underpass may be placed in the basement – under the left-wing staircase.
    And moreover, garage house may include bedrooms, dinning and recreation areas for drivers and other personnel.

    • Andrew

      Of course, you are right. Everyone has their own priorities and as it happens an area to store my dream car collection is of high priority to me so I would like it to be large and as an integral part of the main complex.
      On the other hand, I would be perfectly happy to banish all sporting facilities – pool, tennis, basketball, badmington, gym, climbing walls etc to a separate building. It makes sense to me because the pool causes problems with humidity and smells. As for the others… well, they are all about exercise, so the way I see it, if you mind walking a few meters to reach them I think there’s a problem somewhere! 🙂

  • Sergio Rodrigues

    Nossa eu já me vejo morando nessa casa.

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