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    Leona Helmsley is rolling over in her grave. It does look like a pretty good renovation. However, I’m surprised by the lack of drama considering its size and location. I would definitely take inspiration from some UES townhomes and incorporate them here. Interesting to note how they eliminated the entire northern wing of the home (old birds-eye view is still in place).

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    From the D. Ogilvy listing, it also looks like it doesn’t have a pool, as it’s listed with a town approved pool site. The pool was originally sited away and below the house so I wonder if they just subdivided the property in a way that excluded the pool from this property.

    What kind of $65M house doesn’t have a pool or a tennis court?

    I would also add a correction in that it has 9 bedrooms, not 7.

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    Perhaps they just filled it in? It seems the current owner took away features instead of adding them to the property. The obnoxious front fountain looks like it is gone too. I’m just curious to know what occupied the northern “crooked” portion of the home. I do agree though…a pool is a must at this price, especially when you have 40 acres of land.

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    Relax. Anybody making an offer for this property will demand an allowance for whatever he feels is missing., or needs to be redone. Not having an existing pool might be a selling feature to the right buyer who has his own ideas for a pool and other outdoor facilities. We’ve all seen lots and lots of pools, patios, verandas, and back yards we disliked and would have done differently. I’m sure whomever buys this property will thoroughly enjoy adding his own finishing touches, all crafted to his exact, personal specifications.


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