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  • horselips

    Tough call. I like the grounds and the elevation is OK, but the covered patio and the outside kitchen blows chunks. But inside, I dunno. I like some rooms – the foyer, living room, kitchen; but I don’t like the library, the master bedtroom, and I hate the dining room (except the furniture – that’s fine). Overall, I can’t get past my dislikes -2 stars.

  • Mak

    O.M.G! It, like totally looks like a REAL ENGLISH MANOR house! TOTALLY! I can’t believe it! Here in the heart of America is a house that looks and feels like one of those rEaLLy kEwL old house in good old ENGLAND! You know….the ones with the ivy all over them and the castle stuff too? Where’s the suit of armor I say old chap! A bit of the cherrio and la de da and I say, WHAT? pfft pfft and tommyrot! Bloody good I say!

    • Grrrowler

      It’s like Christopher Wren was brought back from the grave to design this. It’s just dripping with “English” style.

      Wait, what was that sound? Oh, just Christopher Wren rolling over in his grave.

      • Mak

        Christ-o-pher Christ-o-pher…is that you dahling?

  • ZigZagBoom

    Yeah, calling this English Manor style is like saying a White Castle fast food joint is in a European Castle style.


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