$4.8 Million 17,000 Square Foot Mediterranean Mansion In Southwest Ranches, FL | Homes of the Rich – The #1 Real Estate Blog

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  • Mak

    Comments have really slowed down here at Homes of the Rich. I wonder why…

    Bee Tee Dubs…. This house is a mess.

  • horselips

    Obviously owned by some self-important professional jock. Considering the large 2.5 acre lot, lavish grounds, 17,000+ square feet, recent construction, and it’s not in the PRC or New England, at under $5 million, it almost seems like a bargain. And then you open the door. Contemporary. As warm and cozy as an iceberg floating in a North Atlantic shipping lane. Strike one. The listing isn’t bragging about the construction, so it’s probably frame, chicken wire and stucco. Strike two. Just a four car garage. Strike three -it’s outta here.

  • Daniel

    The master bathroom ain’t bad.

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