$35 Million 26,000 Square Foot Contemporary Mega Mansion In Russia | Homes of the Rich – The #1 Real Estate Blog


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  • Daniel

    Probably one of the most livable Russian mansions I’ve seen. With that said, it still needs a lot of help. Exterior looks like a North Korea school. Interior has some nice spaces. Kitchen looks like a morgue.

  • Andrew

    It’s a step up from the usual russian fare, but the more I looked, the less I liked it. Mostly I think because of their failure to commit – if you’re going modern, go modern – don’t stick an ornate gilded balustrade in the middle of it, for example (pic 6). The same goes for the bedroom; it doesn’t belong in this house! Or take the bathroom – it’s not too bad, but they just *had* to add some frilly nonsense to the ceiling, didn’t they? Couldn’t help themselves…


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