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  • Grrrowler

    The interior makes me think of a cruise ship. That’s not a good thing.

  • horselips

    How grievous are my sins that I am afflicted with 3, count ’em, 3 “contemporary” homes on the same day? Lord, forgive me. 99% of contemporary designs give the rest a bad name. At least some effort was made here to relieve the blandness, the ruthless, cold-blooded sterility.

    What’s with the vast, almost empty promenade in picture 11? it looks like an airport concourse – not part of any normal home.

    • Andrew

      ‘Empty promenade’ is otherwise known as a balcony, or verandah if you like. As such, it is supposed to be empty. It is large, because this is a large home. And you clearly just like to criticise for the sake of criticising, actually looking appears to be optional for you!

      • horselips

        I kinda thought that balconies and verandas were outdoorsy things, this vast, almost empty councourse is sorta indoorsy. And on this very site, we can observe countless verandas and balconies that are full of features and furniture.
        Just sayin’.

    • Ruby M. Robinson

      Horselips, though I disagree with you on picture 11 I must say I love reading your comment. You are very funny!

      I imagine picture 11 is a grand verandah and hope it’s a great view. I so dislike those cluttered crowded balconies!

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